Past Event Results

2015 Challenge results


 Team NameSchoolState
1st Place.50 CaliberStrathfield South High SchoolNSW
2nd PlaceArmageddonNew Town High SchoolTAS
3rd PlaceD.A.R.C.Box Hill High SchoolVIC
4th PlacePhotonRosny CollegeTAS
Best Overall Team EffortD.A.R.C.Box Hill High SchoolVIC
Best EngineeredNostromoJohn Monash Science SchoolVIC
Best Poster
Humpty-04Kingswood CollegeVIC
Best Poster (Honourable Mention)Triumph GTCKao Ying Industrial & Commercial Vocational High SchoolTAIWAN
Best Poster (Honourable Mention)Racing Sportsman GTCKao Ying Industrial & Commercial Vocational High SchoolTAIWAN
Best InterviewBulletSt. Mary's Cathedral CollegeNSW
Best Interview (Honourable Mention)Humpty-04Kingswood CollegeVIC
Most Spectacular CrashDesert SpeedSt. Philip's CollegeNT


Advanced Boats 

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceMongoSurf Coast Secondary CollegeVIC
2nd PlaceWenona Yr 11Wenona SchoolNSW
3rd PlaceBlitz IINew Town High SchoolTAS
4th PlaceCoolioWenona SchoolNSW
Best PosterWenona Yr 11Wenona SchoolNSW 
Best PosterMongoSurf Coast Secondary CollegeVIC


Junior Boats

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceSea ShepherdBannockburn Primary SchoolVIC
2nd PlaceAqua FlashBannockburn Primary SchoolVIC
3rd PlaceGettiWaverley Meadows Primary SchoolVIC
4th PlaceZoomer 000Portarlington Primary SchoolVIC
Best Team UniformPoseidonYarraville West Primary SchoolVIC
Best Poster


Yarraville West Primary SchoolVIC

2014 Challenge results


 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceSon of Solace II
Strathfield South HSNSW
2nd PlaceMaximus
Elizabeth CollegeTAS
3rd PlaceKrakenElizabeth CollegeTAS
4th PlaceMike HuntRosny CollegeTAS
Best Overall Team EffortSerendipityBox Hill High SchoolVIC
Best EngineeredSerendipityBox Hill High SchoolVIC
Best Engineered (Honourable Mention)
MaximusElizabeth CollegeTAS
Best Engineered (Honourable Mention)FuryRosny CollegeTAS
Best PosterHumpty 03
Notting Hill PeopleVIC
Best InterviewVogueMoorebank High SchoolNSW
Plate Event WinnerWuzhuiChung Shan Industrial & Commercial SchoolTaiwan
Most Spectacular CrashSharpieKarratha Senior High SchoolWA
Most Spectacular CrashBlietzkreigNew Town High SchoolTAS


Advanced Boats 

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceNarwhalSurf Coast Secondary CollegeVIC
2nd PlaceMorsaraKilvington Grammar SchoolVIC
3rd PlaceBlitzNew Town High SchoolVIC
4th PlaceW.S. STARKIDWenonaNSW
Best Team UniformHMAS ShanniquaSurf Coast Secondary CollegeVIC
Best PosterW.S. STARKIDWenonaNSW
Best Engineered Boat
BlitzNew Town High SchoolTAS


Junior Boats

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceYellow SubmarinesWarrandyte Primary SchoolVIC
2nd PlaceSolarnatorCongupnaVIC
3rd PlaceBlue DiamondGooseberry Hill Primary SchoolWA
4th PlacePineapplesFlemington Primary SchoolVIC
Best Team UniformLightning BoltsBannokburn Primary SchoolVIC
Best Poster

Circular Tsunami

Yarraville West Primary SchoolVIC

2013 Challenge results


 Team NameSchoolState
1st Place Turbo Rawlinson PS WA
2nd Place Urber Speed II Strathfield South HSNSW 
3rd Place SPCSt Phillip's College   NT
4th Place Mike Couanis Aquinas WA
Best Overall Team Effort TurboRawlinson PS WA 
Best Engineered Red Hare Taiwan 
Best Team Uniform Not Awarded  
Greatest Team Effort Team Northern TerritoryMarrara Christian College NT 
Best PosterBullet St Mary's Cathedral College NSW 
Best Interview C9H13NBox Hill High School Vic 
Most Spectacular Crash KaroAll Saints Grammar NSW 

A summary of the technical data from the top four placing cars and key data from all entries is available here.

Advanced Boats 

 Team NameSchoolState
1st Place Tri-HardSurf Coast SC Vic 
2nd Place Krispy CrosBirmingham PS Vic 
3rd Place Returning RedBilllanook College Vic 
4th Place Sun SeekerNorth Geelong SC Vic 
Best Team Uniform Not Awarded  
Greatest Team Effort

 Not Awarded

Best Poster

 Returning Red

Billanook College Vic 
Best Submarine


 Surf Coast SCVic 
Most Ineteresting Navigation


North Geelong SC Vic 


Junior Boats

 Team NameSchoolState
1st Place Sea AnglesBirmingham PS Vic 
2nd Place Chasing the SunBirmingham PS Vic 
3rd Place VioletGoosberry Hill PS WA 
4th Place Red Devil Goosberry Hill PS WA 
Best SubmarineThe Orange Monkey  Spensley Street PS Vic 
Most Innovative NavigationBeautiful Tulips Bannockburn PS Vic 
Best Team UniformSea Angles  Birmingham PS Vic 
Greatest Team Effort


Goosberry Hill PS WA 
Best Poster

Muswellbrook Solar Rockets 

Muswellbrook PS NSW 

2012 Challenge results


 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceLeviathanNew Town HSTAS
2nd PlaceUber SpeedStrathfield South HSNSW
3rd PlaceVelocitySt. PaulsNSW
4th PlaceNostromoThe RenegadesVIC
Best Overall Team EffortPhotonParkhill PSVIC
Best EngineeredBlack Jack and Di LanEr Xin HSTaiwan
Design InnovationNostromoThe RenegadesVIC
Best Team UniformCarpe DiemKarrathaWA
Greatest Team EffortBlack Jack and Di LanEr Xin HSTaiwan
Best PosterPhotonParkhill PSVIC
Best InterviewKaroAll Saints GrammarNSW
Most Spectacular CrashI think you forgot somethingSyndal South PSVIC


Advanced Boats 

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceGGS UnoGuildford GrammarWA
2nd PlaceDangerousWestern Heights CollegeVIC
3rd PlaceThe InvisimistBenalla CollegeVIC
4th PlaceAwkward TurtleSurf Coast SCVIC
Best EngineeredThe InvisimistBenalla CollegeVIC
Design Innovation Scone HSNSW
Best Team UniformRed Devil IIIBillanook CollegeVIC
Greatest Team Effort

The Blucher, Aquaholic,

Jaws, Semi-Pro and

Revenge of Jaws

St. Patricks HS and

New Town HS

Best Poster

Red Devil III

Billanook College

Best Submarine

The Batmobile

St. Andrews Christian College

Most Ineteresting Navigation

The Invisimist

Benalla College

Best New Entry


Western Heights College



Junior Boats

 Team NameSchoolState
1st PlaceGGS1Guildford GrammarWA
2nd PlaceThe Dark KnightGooseberry Hill PSWA
3rd PlaceSplashGooseberry Hill PSWA
4th PlaceGGS2Guildford GrammarWA
Best EngineeredThabeban BThabeban SSQLD
Design InnovationThe ShadowNewport Lakes PSVIC
Best Team UniformSunburnYarraville West PSVIC
Greatest Team Effort

Dangie Dream &

Dangie Racer

Urandangie PSQLD
Best Poster

Froot Loops

Ruskin Park PSVIC
Best New Entry

Eye of the Tiger

Calingiri PSWA